The Playin Pickleball Open Doubles Tournament
August 12th-13th, 2023

Tournament Details – Registration NOW CLOSED!

Playin Games proudly presents the Playin Pickleball Open Doubles Tournament, an online VR pickleball tournament for players of all skills and abilities.
This tournament is held over a weekend and is therefore capped at 16 teams of 2 players with a waiting list for additional players. Register today!


Free and open to all Playin Pickleball owners.


This is an online tournament.


Registration Deadline:

  • Monday August 7th, 12:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Tournament Dates:

  • Round Robin: Saturday August 12th, 2023 – 11:00am – 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Semi-Finals and Finals: Sunday August 13th, 2023 – 2:00pm – 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)


Sign up requirements for you and your doubles partner:

  • Playin Pickleball for Meta Quest (purchase here if you do not have it yet)
  • A free Discord account, and a member on the Playin Pickleball Discord server (also free).
  • Availability on Saturday August 12th (11:00am – 4:00pm EST).
  • Availability on Sunday August 13th (2:00pm – 5:00pm EST) if your team makes the semi-finals.
  • A fully charged Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headset.
  • Internet – participants must have a reliable high-speed wireless internet connection in their home (minimum 20Mbps download, 5Mbps upload). It is also recommended to reduce network bandwidth consumption on your network when you’re playing your games (such as watching Netflix on other devices).
  • By registering for this tournament, you are confirming that you are aware of our privacy policy and have read the Health and Safety warning that came with your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets.

Match Format

  • Doubles (2v2).
  • Point on the serve to 11 (win by two points).
  • Best of 3 games.
  • In-Game Physics Difficulty: Normal, and Pro settings are valid options for players to choose from.
  • In-Game Movement: Auto-Teleport, Auto-Run, and Manual Movement are valid options for players to choose from.
  • In-Game Scene Location: Stadium

Scheduling and Tournament Format

Schedule and times are subject to change.

Saturday August 12th, 2023
Round Robin Competition (all teams play each other within their group)

  • 11:00am –  Round 1: Match
  • 12:00pm – Break (rest and charge Headset)
  • 1:00pm – Round 2: Match
  • 2:00pm – Break (rest and charge Headset)
  • 3:00pm – Round 3: Match
  • 4:00pm – Finish

Sunday August 13th, 2023

Semi-Finals and Finals

  • 2:00pm – Semi-Finals
  • 3:00pm – 3rd Place Match (if necessary – Semi Final winners rest and charge headset)
  • 4:00pm – Finals
  • 5:00pm – Finish

All time are in Eastern Standard Time.

Prize Details

  • First Place Prize: Gearbox CX11 Pickleball Paddle for each teammate and a Tournament Winner badge for their Discord profiles.
  • Second Place Prize: $50 Amazon Gift card for each teammate and a Runner Up badge for their Discord profiles.
  • Third Place Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card for each teammate, and a 3rd Place badge for their Discord profiles.
  • All participants will receive a special Discord Role participant badge to display on their profile.

    Note: Playin Pickleball organizers reserve the right to alter or substitute prizes at their discretion.

Additional Details

  • Team leaders will be able to select their own partner and will register the team and accept the terms and conditions for both players.
  • No substitutions will be allowed once the tournament has started.
  • Each participating team will get a chance to play up to 3 matches (each a best-of-3 set of games) against different teams on Saturday, and up to two additional matches on Sunday for the semi-finals, 3rd place match, and finals match.
  • Matches will be randomly drawn, but will be held at specific times during the day with an hour break in between each match for rest and charging your headset (see schedule above).

The Game Host for every match is a critical component of the tournament. They will need to set up the match correctly, ensure that everyone is invited to the match who is scheduled to play, and submit the final scores of the match to Discord.

  • The host of the game will be assigned by the tournament organizers in advance, and will be determined by the player who has the most reliable and fastest internet connection, and is located closest to the majority of nearby regions of the other players, and is willing to carry out the duties. 
  • The host must make sure they have their Multiplayer Settings set to the correct region and must create a private 2v2 multiplayer match between themself, their teammate, and their scheduled opponents. 
  • The host of the match must set the minimum physics difficulty to Normal. 
  • The host of the match must set the match Scene location to Stadium Scene.
  • The host is required to take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the match and submit the winning team and game scores (e.g. 11-5, 5-11, 11-9) to the Tournament Chat channel on Discord. 
  • We ask that spectators not join the match. The host is required to politely ask spectators to leave the match should any show up unannounced, with the exception of Playin Pickleball organizers who are capturing the match from within the game.
  • Support “Good Sport” Etiquette / Fair Play / Integrity. Should you run into misconduct, record video of the incident and report to the Playin Pickleball Community manager. Individuals found to be in severe breach of the Code of Conduct will have their team disqualified and may find themselves banned from registering for future tournaments.
  • Each team member must have their headset fully charged and their internet connectivity stable. 
  • Communication about matches between teams of a match will be done via the Playin PIckleball Discord Server
  • All registered players must be present by no later than 15 minutes past the start of their scheduled match or risk forfeiting the match.
  • Teams that play their game to completion and/or fail to submit their match scores on time to Discord will result in the tournament organizers randomly assigning a winner for the round with a minimal point differential (the score for the games of that match will be 11-9, 11-9, 11-9 in favor of the randomly selected team).

Please read the health and safety warnings that were provided with your VR headset ( before using the Playin Pickleball game. Because you may be encouraged to perform intense actions with your controllers also make sure to review your surroundings and clear any obstacles in your play area before starting the game. Always remember to stay in the center of the cleared play area and do not walk around.

Playing Playin Pickleball requires physical activity so follow the same precautions you take before doing a workout. Don’t forget to stretch before playing and rest regularly between sessions of play. Some people may experience muscle soreness or dizziness. If you experience these stop playing the game and rest.

  • Q: I’m a singles player looking for a doubles partner – how do I sign up?
  • Q: Do I need a Discord account to participate in this tournament?
      • A: Yes, this tournament uses the Playin Pickleball Discord server as the primary communication channel between players and organizers.


  • Q: Can I play on multiple teams?
      • A: No, this is not allowed. You may not play on more than one team, including if you own multiple separate accounts.


  • Q: I have registered, but the date that was selected doesn’t work for me and/or my partner OR something came up and I can’t play some or all of my games. Can I substitute myself or my partner for someone else?
      • A: Substitutions can only take place up to an hour before the start of the tournament.


  • Q: What happens if the host doesn’t show up and we can’t start the match?
      • A: If the Match Start Check-In Deadline has passed, the host’s team will forfeit the match with a minimal point differential (the score for the games of that match will be 11-9, 11-9, 11-9 in favor of the non-host team). Report this situation to the private discord channel for your match.


  • Q: What happens if a player drops out of the match due to unforeseen circumstances, like a headset issue, internet connectivity issue, etc.
      • A: If the Match Start Check-In Deadline has not passed yet, the host will reform the party and start again. If the Match Start Check-In Deadline has passed, the player who disconnected will have their team forfeit the match with a minimal point differential (the score for the games of that match will be 11-9, 11-9, 11-9 in favor of the non-offending team). Report this situation to the private discord channel for your match.


  • Q: Since this is a Round Robin tournament (everyone plays everyone else) how are ties decided if two or more teams get the same number of wins and losses?
      • A: In the event that two or more teams have the same number of Wins and Losses, a tie break will be decided by total point differential.


  • Q: Why are game defaults due to missed matches or connection issues calculated with a “minimal point differential?” What does that mean?
      • A: Since tie-breaks are decided by point differential (difference between points earned and points lost to other teams), we will not over-punish or over-benefit teams that have a connection drop or a person who cannot show up to play due to unforeseen circumstances. This approach addresses those situations as fairly as possible.


  • Q: Why do we have to play in the Stadium? I like City or Forest better!
    • A: Since folks may have a preference, we opted to pre-select a location and chose the Stadium to remove any concerns about the host having an advantage.

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